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Whole Being Health Collective

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After 13 years of a shared journey, blending their passion for holistic, trauma-sensitive, and attuned therapy, Drew and Tammy have embarked on a new chapter together. Their collective vision has materialized into an Allied Health Clinic in Fairfield, a space designed to welcome individuals to bring their complete selves without fear of stigma, misunderstanding, or potential harm.

This clinic is more than a professional venture; it is a sanctuary where the ethos of inclusivity and genuine care takes precedence. Drew and Tammy have created a haven for those seeking a therapeutic experience that goes beyond traditional norms. Here, clients are encouraged to embrace their entire selves, fostering an environment where every aspect is acknowledged and understood.

The Allied Health Clinic in Fairfield is not merely a place for healing; it is a testament to Drew and Tammy’s commitment to providing a safe and supportive space, free from judgment. By melding their expertise and shared values, they aim to redefine the therapeutic experience, ensuring that every individual feels seen, heard, and genuinely understood throughout their journey to well-being.