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The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA)

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Founded in 2005, The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) has become a cornerstone in providing comprehensive workplace substance testing, education, and policy services to businesses across New Zealand and Australia. As a leader in the field, TDDA boasts a dedicated team of over 300 professionals, supported by 90 mobile health clinics strategically positioned throughout Australasia. With a robust presence in 65 locations, TDDA processes an impressive annual volume, exceeding 250,000 tests.

Our commitment extends beyond testing; we are focused on providing end-to-end solutions that empower businesses to maintain safe and drug-free workplaces. TDDA’s expertise lies not only in the accuracy and efficiency of our testing processes but also in our dedication to educating businesses and helping them implement effective substance testing policies.

In the dynamic landscape of workplace substance testing, TDDA stands as a trusted partner, ensuring businesses can navigate regulatory requirements and prioritize the well-being of their workforce. With a commitment to excellence, a widespread presence, and a comprehensive approach to workplace safety, TDDA continues to be at the forefront of fostering drug-free work environments in New Zealand and Australia.