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Tabatinga Family Fun Centres

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Tabatinga Family Fun Centre takes pride in its partnership with The Orangutan Project, contributing to the noble cause of saving the critically endangered orangutans in the Indonesian rainforests. Our commitment to environmental conservation and wildlife protection is exemplified through various initiatives aimed at supporting The Orangutan Project’s impactful efforts.

In addition to the adoption of several orphaned orangutans, Tabatinga actively participates in The Orangutan Project’s Adopt-a-Tree campaign. By doing so, we contribute to the preservation of vital habitats for these incredible creatures, recognizing the importance of maintaining the delicate balance of their natural environment.

Tabatinga also stands firm against deforestation and supports The Orangutan Project’s Palm Oil Resistance program. This initiative aligns with our dedication to responsible business practices, aiming to minimize the environmental impact associated with palm oil production, a leading cause of deforestation in orangutan habitats.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to The Orangutan Project’s Adopt-an-Elephant project, demonstrating our holistic approach to wildlife conservation. By actively engaging in diverse projects, Tabatinga Family Fun Centre aims to be a positive force in safeguarding the precious biodiversity of our planet.

Through these collaborations, we hope to inspire awareness and contribute to the collective efforts aimed at securing a sustainable future for orangutans and other endangered species. Tabatinga is proud to be part of The Orangutan Project’s mission, actively working towards a world where wildlife thrives in harmony with its natural environment.