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Shingle Inn

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In the Autumn of 1936, David Webster and Sons crafted the inaugural Shingle Inn on Edward Street in Brisbane, part of their expansive chain of cafes. Their vision was to establish Shingle Inn as an elegant English-style teahouse and restaurant, celebrated for its commitment to quality products and refined style. Rapidly gaining favor among locals, Shingle Inn became a bustling landmark, with queues for its famous cakes often stretching out the door and around the corner.

Facing potential abandonment in the early 1970s, Shingle Inn found a lifeline in 1975 when the Bellchambers family took ownership, rescuing and revitalizing the cherished establishment. Fast forward to a cool winter’s night on August 3, 2002, Shingle Inn closed its doors on Edward Street, bidding farewell to the city that had embraced it since 1936.

However, the story didn’t end there. On June 4, 2010, a significant Memorandum of Understanding was signed, generously gifting the original store fit-out to the people of Brisbane. This historical treasure would find a new home, meticulously restored within another Brisbane icon, City Hall. This act ensures that future generations can relish the grandeur of Shingle Inn, preserving its legacy as a symbol of love and loyalty from the city that embraced it from the very beginning.