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Russell’s Pest Control

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With a wealth of experience encompassing all facets of pest control, I specialize in termite treatments, bringing a comprehensive skill set honed over the years. My journey in the pest control industry began in 1998 in Darwin, Northern Territory, where I immersed myself in diverse pest management challenges. Throughout my early years, I focused extensively on termite treatments, working diligently in urban areas and remote communities across the Northern Territory.

In 2001, a pivotal decision led Catherine and me to relocate to Adelaide, seeking proximity to family. Undeterred in my commitment to pest control excellence, I continued to contribute my expertise to a local company for the ensuing 18 years. The accumulated knowledge and dedication to the craft fueled my decision to venture into entrepreneurship, and in early 2019, I proudly established my own pest control business.

My journey reflects not only a deep understanding of pest control intricacies but also a commitment to providing effective and reliable solutions. With a specialization in termite treatments and a history spanning over two decades, I bring a unique blend of experience and passion to every pest control challenge. Trust my expertise to safeguard your property and ensure a pest-free environment.