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Megasealed Bathrooms & Balconies

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Megasealed emerged from the passion and determination of its Founder and Managing Director, Jacques Courtin, whose extensive experience in the bathroom renovation industry revealed a glaring gap in the efficacy of existing sealants. Frustrated by the prevalence of leaking showers and disappointed by the shortcomings of available solutions, Courtin embarked on a mission to revolutionize the industry.

In 1988, Megasealed was born, reflecting Courtin’s commitment to developing a cost-effective, time-efficient, and guaranteed solution for repairing leaking showers and balconies. Over the next eight years, the Megasealed Epoxy Solution underwent meticulous refinement, ensuring its adaptability to the Australian market and diverse conditions. This dedication to perfection culminated in the 1996 launch of Megasealed Bathrooms and Balconies, introducing the first specialized stop-leak service of its kind.

Megasealed’s innovative products and services garnered rapid acclaim, leading to nationwide expansion within just six months. Unwilling to merely be a commercial entity, Megasealed took a pivotal step in 2014 by opening its first franchise store. By prioritizing a connection with local communities and emphasizing specialized leak-repair services, Megasealed has not only maintained its pioneering status but has also thrived, steadily expanding its franchise network. The journey that began with a commitment to overcoming industry challenges has evolved into a legacy of excellence, with Megasealed continuing to redefine standards in bathroom and balcony solutions.