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Lawlor Pest Control

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In the year 1938, an intriguing chapter in pest control history unfolded as Leslie, originally employed as a Health Inspector, found himself drawn to an extra part-time pursuit. Driven by an increasing demand for his services, Leslie made the bold decision to resign from his position with the Council, transitioning to a full-time role in Pest Control. It was during this pivotal time that Leslie’s dedication to his craft flourished.

With an unwavering commitment, Leslie developed a specialized focus on the control of termites, colloquially known as white ants. His expertise in this niche field quickly garnered attention, earning him the nickname “The White Ant Man.” Leslie’s journey from a Health Inspector to a dedicated full-time Pest Control professional showcases not only his entrepreneurial spirit but also his passion for addressing the specific challenges posed by termites. His legacy, marked by a moniker that underscores his mastery in termite control, stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise he brought to the evolving field of pest management.