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Hudson’s Coffee

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Melbourne has undeniably earned its reputation as one of the world’s premier coffee cities. The city’s unique blend of Italian immigration, favorable climate, bohemian culture, and early adoption of trends has contributed to its thriving coffee scene.

Hudsons, a local coffee chain, takes pride in its roots in Melbourne and its commitment to serving the needs of Melburnians. The founders of Hudsons recognized the need for accessible and high-quality coffee options that catered to people’s preferences and lifestyles. In 1998, their vision became a reality with the opening of the first Hudsons cafe on Elizabeth Street. From the very beginning, Hudsons set itself apart by offering a different approach to coffee, ensuring that customers received the coffee experience they desired.

In the year 2000, a significant milestone was achieved for Hudsons as they opened their first airport store. Melbourne Airport recognized the excellence of their cafes and approached them to bring the best of Melbourne coffee to the world. Since then, Hudsons has become the leading coffee chain in major airports across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Three years later, in 2003, Hudsons expanded its reach by partnering with its first franchisee in South Australia. This marked the beginning of a successful journey of collaboration with more than 65 partners who share a passion for coffee and serve their communities with exceptional brews. The list of franchisees continues to grow as Hudsons establishes itself as an iconic brand in the coffee industry.

In 2009, Hudsons experienced a significant milestone with its acquisition by the renowned Emirates Group. This partnership has propelled the company’s growth to new heights. Presently, Hudsons boasts a diverse portfolio of 100 stores spread across every state and territory in Australia.

Moreover, the brand has expanded its presence internationally, with stores located at Singapore’s Changi Airport and New Zealand’s Auckland Airport. This strategic positioning sets the stage for an exciting new phase in Hudsons’ journey as it embarks on taking its unique offerings to a global audience.