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Groucho’s Deli

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In 1941, Harold “Groucho” Miller embarked on a culinary journey that would forever leave an indelible mark on Columbia, South Carolina. Having emerged from a childhood spent in a Philadelphia orphanage, Groucho brought with him a handful of original recipes for potato salad, coleslaw, and dressings that would soon become the cornerstone of his gastronomic vision. Undeterred, he set out to establish his first restaurant, grounded in the belief that “Quality is the most important ingredient in a sandwich.”

Groucho’s son, Ivan Miller, reflects on the inception of the family’s culinary legacy in a 1986 interview with the Columbia Record. He fondly recalls the eccentricity that defined Groucho himself – a man who, with a penchant for humor, a perpetually large cigar, and a distinctive mustache, bore an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Groucho Marx. In the eyes of the burgeoning town of Columbia, Groucho was more than a name; he was an embodiment of character, and thus, Groucho’s Deli was born.

Ivan, the torchbearer of his father’s vision, assumed the role of the second-generation proprietor, ensuring that Groucho’s Deli remained true to its roots. The restaurant’s commitment to serving only the highest quality products and ingredients has become a tradition passed down through each generation. Eighty-plus years later, Groucho’s Deli stands as a symbol of excellence, its legendary status etched in the hearts and palates of those who have savored the timeless flavors crafted with dedication and a commitment to quality.