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Great Steak & Potato

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Established in 1982, Great Steak® has become a household name, renowned for its commitment to delivering fresh, grilled-to-order cheesesteaks that embody the true essence of American comfort food. With a presence spanning hundreds of locations across the United States and beyond, Great Steak has evolved its menu from a single iconic cheesesteak to a diverse array of specialty sandwiches, complemented by offerings such as Great Fries and Fresh Baked Potatoes.

What sets Great Steak apart is its unwavering dedication to authenticity. The brand prides itself on utilizing the finest American ingredients, meticulously selecting and marinating premium beef for an unparalleled taste experience. The commitment to excellence extends to the freshly baked bread that cradles each sandwich, ensuring that every bite is a testament to quality and flavor.

At Great Steak, the culinary journey is a personalized one, with each cheesesteak grilled to order and crafted to perfection. The result is not just a meal; it’s a genuine, homegrown comfort food experience that has stood the test of time. From the first sizzle on the grill to the last satisfying bite, Great Steak remains a trusted purveyor of classic American flavors, inviting patrons to savor the timeless joy of a well-made cheesesteak.