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Buxton stands as one of Australia’s oldest and enduring real estate entities. Originating in 1861, the company has evolved into a network of enterprises, including Buxton Group (founded in 1968), MAB (established in 1995), and Projects by Real Estate, among others. Buxton proudly asserts itself as the most recommended and awarded real estate company in Victoria.

This family-owned business has maintained its familial connection for an impressive 140 years, currently being overseen by the sixth consecutive generation. Established by W.P. Buckhurst and J.R. Buxton, the company holds the distinction of being one of Melbourne’s pioneering real estate agencies, with its name, Buxton, derived from the combination of their names.

The iconic Danish Club on Beaconsfield Parade stands as a testament to the legacy of the first generation of Buxtons, having been built by them. Buxton claims the possession of a centralized database boasting over 500,000 buyers, further solidifying its position in the real estate landscape.