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Biggin & Scott


Established in 1890 by TGL Scott, Biggin & Scott ranks among Australia’s earliest real estate agencies, with its headquarters located in Melbourne.

The company’s website asserts a substantial online presence, attracting over a million visits each month. Biggin & Scott’s database encompasses a diverse pool of over 18,000 landlords and tenants, as noted by the source (BigginScott).

The company distinguishes itself through several core competencies, including:

  1. Accurately assessing property values in accordance with current and evolving market conditions.
  2. Providing property recommendations tailored to the specific needs of investors and owner-occupiers.
  3. Leveraging their sophisticated database to facilitate connections between buyers and sellers.

For those interested in acquiring a Biggin & Scott franchise, the initial investment is approximately $250,000 (plus GST) per office, with the actual cost varying based on factors such as office size and location.

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