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The AMAKids Intellectual Development Academy, founded in 2014 by Volodymyr Fedyay, marks the inception of a visionary educational initiative. The first AMAKids Center opened its doors on November 25, 2014, laying the foundation for a unique approach to childhood education. The genesis of AMAKids arose from the deep contemplation of Volodymyr Fedyay on how to establish a high-quality educational institution that fosters the continuous development of children. His vision was clear: to create an environment where children could flourish daily, acquiring knowledge and skills that would genuinely empower them in adulthood.

In its inaugural year, the AMAKids Academy quickly distinguished itself as more than a local endeavor, setting its sights on an international audience. The commitment to excellence and holistic development positions AMAKids as not just a center for education but a global hub for nurturing young minds. The academy’s mission is rooted in the belief that education should not only impart knowledge but also instill values and abilities that form the bedrock of a successful and well-rounded future. AMAKids is not merely an institution; it’s a transformative journey for children, where learning is an adventure and growth is a constant pursuit.