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7 eleven


We take great pride in being one of Australia’s largest private companies, with a strong presence in neighborhoods across Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, and Western Australia. Our extensive network consists of over 700 stores, which are predominantly small family-owned businesses. With approximately 8,800 dedicated individuals working under the 7-Eleven brand, either directly or through franchised stores, our people are at the heart of everything we do.

Their unwavering commitment and efforts are what transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences for our valued customers. By living our values and fostering a culture of excellence, we are able to continually succeed in delivering exceptional service and convenience to communities throughout Australia.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with numerous dedicated franchisees who contribute greatly to the success of our brand. While our franchise program enables families to establish their own businesses, each 7-Eleven store also plays a vital role in the local community, as one of Australia’s most renowned brands.

Our company’s roots can be traced back to 1919, when the Withers and Barlow families first entered the grocery and grocery wholesale industry. Recognizing the potential of emerging retail trends, they secured the area license agreement in 1976 to introduce the esteemed 7-Eleven brand to Australia. The inaugural store was opened in Oakleigh, Victoria in 1977, marking an important milestone in our history.