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Trampoline Gelato


In 1990, two brothers with a family history in the dairy industry founded Burra Foods in Gippsland, South Eastern Victoria. Ten years later, recognizing an opportunity to enter the retail market, they decided to establish a branded business that would supply premium dairy products. After identifying a niche for fresh-made Italian gelato, the concept of Trampoline was born.

The goal was to create a contemporary and fun brand that offered unique products and flavors. The first Trampoline store opened its doors in April 2004 on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, an area known for its diverse food scene and vibrant cafe culture, located on the outskirts of Melbourne’s central business district. Since then, Trampoline has become synonymous with high-quality gelato and continues to delight customers with its surprisingly different offerings.

In October 2013, the Trampoline brand was acquired by Franchised Food Company (FFCo), a market leader in fun treats. Since then, FFCo has taken the brand to new heights by introducing surprisingly different flavors and creating unique in-store experiences. As a 100% Australian-owned company, FFCo specializes in retail franchising and is the largest multi-system, non-listed franchisor in Australia. In addition to Trampoline, FFCo operates several other successful brands including Cold Rock, Pretzel World, Mr Whippy, Nutshack, Healthy Habits, and Europa Coffee.

The combination of trampolines and gelato is truly a match made in heaven! For those who embrace a free-spirited attitude, trampolines provide the perfect outlet for fun and excitement while enjoying delicious gelato from Trampoline.