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Rivareno Gelato

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The philosophy of our gelato store and lab is deeply rooted in the pursuit of natural ingredients that embody freshness, purity, and intensity. We adhere to strict standards by refraining from using hydrogenated fats, artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives in our gelato. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every scoop, as our gelato offers a uniquely intense, creamy, and velvety experience that is unparalleled in flavor. To ensure the utmost quality, our gelato is freshly produced daily in our on-site “laboratorio” just hours before it is served.

We take pride in offering the epitome of Italian gelato through traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. Passion, imagination, dedication, and determination were the driving forces behind the opening of Rivareno’s first gelato store in Milan, Italy in 2005. With the aim of offering high-quality, fresh, and truly authentic Italian gelato, Rivareno has established itself as a purveyor of excellence in the gelato industry.

The commitment to authenticity is evident in every flavor created by Rivareno. Before being presented to customers, each flavor must pass a rigorous test: blindfolded and with no prior knowledge, one should be able to immediately identify the distinct taste and quality that sets Rivareno gelato apart. This unwavering dedication to producing gelato of ultra-high quality ensures that Rivareno remains an authentic Italian product that consistently exceeds expectations.