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Quality Mind Global

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Quality Mind Global (QMG), headquartered in Brighton, Victoria, Australia, is a pioneering force in mental wellness, presenting a distinctive approach to enhancing mental health and performance across various sectors.

As a mental wellness tech business, QMG develops solutions for individuals and companies spanning over 25 countries.

QMG’s community, known as “Mind Mentor,” includes VIP Ambassadors—high achievers who excelled through the Quality Mind Program.

To become a Quality Mind Global Franchisee, a minimum upfront investment of $10,000.00 is required.

Becoming a franchisee with QMG offers numerous advantages in the rapidly expanding mental wellness field. There’s potential for significant revenue generation, with earnings reaching the six to seven-figure range. Franchisees also benefit from support in lead generation, allowing them to focus more on coaching rather than client acquisition.

QMG provides a scalable business model, empowering franchisees to build a team for running the online group coaching business.